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Catch Top Talent, Make Purrfect Hires

🔥 Meyowza is a Fractional S³RPO (A Sourcing, Staffing and Support Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Talent Firm. We provide fractional sourcing, talent acquisition and advisory services for the tech industry.

🤔 Why Meyowza?

📈 With more than a decade of agency and in-house recruiting experience, Meyowza brings valuable insights from scaling high-growth companies from late stage funding through post-IPO as well as established publicly traded companies.

🥷🏼 We're an agile team who can offer highly targeted fractional support. Whether it's sourcing to improve your top of funnel activity, recruiter interview calls to help staff that troublesome open role or support through talent advisory by guiding you through process optimization, task automation, software recommendations or training your in-house recruitment team...Meyowza has got you covered.

🛰️ Mission

Palmer Luckey once said "...what would it look like to build a company that could take those bright people out of the advertising industry, out of the search engine optimization industry, out of the augmented reality mustache Emoji industry (Silicon Valley/Alley) and put them to work on things that were more important...where really smart people could work on National Security problems and work on the technology that is going to keep our values safe".

We're here to do just that. With our extensive network and experience within Silicon Valley/Alley talent acquisition...we're on a mission to bring those bright minds to the Defense and Space Industries so they can make a real difference.

🛎️ Our Services

🔍 Sourcing

Source the purrfect candidates with our sourcing solution, where we can help you fill your open tech positions with skilled and qualified candidates. We understand the challenges of finding top talent in the tech industry and provide a tailored sourcing approach to meet your unique needs. We utilize advanced sourcing techniques, market research, and industry insights to identify, engage, and deliver talented candidates that fit your company's culture and requirements. Let us take care of the talent sourcing process for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

📢 Staffing

Now that you've found your candidates, how do you attract them? Our staffing service can provide a customized recruitment solution for your tech hiring needs. We'll work with you to understand your company culture, job requirements, and candidate preferences to find the best fit for your team. We'll handle everything from job postings to candidate screening and interviews, so you can focus on what you do best. With our extensive network and deep understanding of the tech industry, we'll ensure that you find the right talent to help grow your business. Let us take the reins and help you find your next tech superstar!

🤖 Support

We focus on helping businesses in the tech industry optimize their recruiting operations and lower their operational cost through software automation and optimization. We understand the importance of keeping your talent team operating as lean and as efficiently as possible, and will work with you to identify areas where you can streamline your processes and reduce costs. We'll help you choose the right software tools and provide training to ensure that your team can implement these practices effectively. With this service, you'll not only improve your bottom line, but you'll gain a competitive edge in attracting top talent.

🤪 Nick Roman - Founder

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Nick is a talent acquisition specialist with over a decade of experience in the recruiting industry, hiring hundreds of technical talent across S&P 500, DoD Contract and Startup to IPO companies. Most recently, Nick focused on hiring Engineers for Snapchat's Spectacle and Pixy product line within the Speciality, Hardware, Augmented Reality and Product team (SHARP). Prior to Snap Inc, Nick recruited for Peloton for nearly 4 years, hiring technical talent for their software, data and hardware departments up through their IPO. He also spent some time at Intersection (a minority invested company by Google/Alphabet via Sidewalk Labs) where he focused on hiring Engineers to build and maintain NYC's iconic street Wifi network called LinkNYC.

Over the years, Nick has enthusiastically attended and hosted many dozens of conferences, expos and meetups like Grace Hopper, I/ITSEC, Tech Day, React Week, Recurse, NY & Orlando Tech Meetups, DroidCon, Def Con & SourceCon to name a few.

Nick is passionate about tech, helping people get in to better opportunities as well as utilizing optimization through the use of automation tools to better improve both the candidate and client experience. During the Covid-19 tech layoff spree that started in 2022, Nick saw too many times what happens when companies overshot their talent needs during the height of the pandemic, ultimately growing their recruiting and engineering teams too large too quickly. Unfortunately, Nick was caught up in some of the reduction of force and immediately created a viral post on LinkedIn to help his colleagues get back to work as quickly as possible. This post was nationally syndicated via the WSJ.

Since then, after seeing the amount of people being affected by layoffs, Nick decided to start Meyowza in 2022 anticipating that companies would eventually start to ramp up their hiring needs but with a much leaner recruiting operation...and that Meyowza could step in and support these leaner teams offering recruiting process outsourcing while at the same time have a hidden agenda to get as many people back to work as quickly as possible.

🤓 Areas of Focus

We're experienced in building teams in:

☞ Software Engineering (Front End & Backend)

☞ Data Engineering (Data Management, Embedded Data & Data Infrastructure)

☞ Systems Engineering (SRE/DevOps)

☞ Mobile Engineering (Android/iOS)

☞ Hardware Engineering (Semiconductor Fabrication/Manufacturing, & Embedded/Bare Metal)

☞ PM (Product, Program, Technical Program Managers)

☞ Design (UI/UX & GUI)

☞ Network Infrastructure (Network Engineering & Architecting, Security, NOC, Wireless-RF & Support)

☞ Web3 Engineering (A.I. - Computer Vision, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Unity, Unreal, Smart Contract & Blockchain)

🛠️ Tools

We can plug and play with your teams recruiting stack.

☞ Applicant Tracking Systems (Greenhouse, HireEZ, Chatkick & WorkDay )

☞ Sourcing (LinkedIn Recruiter, Gem, Chatkick, Seekout, Hired, Vettery, Apollo, Angle, Y-Combinator & Google Boolean/X-Ray Searches)

☞ Interviewing (HackerRank & Karat)

☞ Communications (Slack, Discord, Gmail & Zoom)

☞ Other (Notion, Airtable, Otter, Loom, ChatGPT)

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